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My Training Style

In addition to traditional strength training, as wanted and applicable, I often incorporate a blend of elements of circuit training, yoga, pilates, physical therapy, massage, meditation, mind/body awareness, stress reduction techniques and also share the latest advances 

and findings in healthcare and nutrition. I believe in a holistic approach and that each individual is unique and deserving of a program that is customized to their personal 

needs and goals.

Besides utilizing such a wide spectrum approach, one of the the other things that makes me a little different from other trainers is that while I make challenging programs that will bring you results, I also strongly believe that workouts should be fun. I am having fun and laughing and pushing you to your best, and you will be doing all of those things as well! One of my clients calls them "fun-outs" instead of workouts! But, don't be fooled...another client says she wants me to make up t-shirts that say "I Survived Christine." I will make you work, but at the end of it you will be thanking me AND smiling.

Beyond just enhancing your health and physique, another benefit of training with me is extreme personal empowerment. You will also find this spilling over to all areas of your life. My clients start doing things they never thought they could do or would ever be able to do again, everything from going back into the dating pool, trying new adventurous sports, making big steps in their careers, summiting mountains, running faster than ever before, to wearing bikinis and short shorts! You too just might have to dream a bigger dream for yourself, and re-define yourself. Most likely you are more powerful and capable (in all aspects of your life) than you know, and I am going to help reveal that to you.

Christine Lencioni, Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

BA University of Washington, cum laude

Voracious reader of all things related to health, fitness, and overall life improvement. My motto is "Never stop learning." 

Ignite Fitness with Christine

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