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(Photo - Warrior Dash last year. This year I qualified for Nationals, as I placed in the Top 20 Females)

Sure, I can do pull-ups and dips with Additional weight attached by weight belt and chain. Sure,  I can do 

one-legged squats and Bulgarian split squats with 

45s in each hand. But what I can physically do is 

not as impressive as what I will be able to help 

YOU achieve...try me out and see for yourself!


"I’ve known a lot of trainers in my day but nobody who helped me as much as Christine. I love that she customizes my workouts based on my ever changing goals and needs, often ones I didn’t even know until she drops her wealth of knowledge 

on me! Christine has helped me drop over 47 lbs. in just over a year’s time, banish gym-intimidation and transform how I feel and look in my body. I have newfound energy, vitality and look forward to getting in a good sweat session every day. 

I truly believe that at the end of it all, our health is all we have. Finding the right person to coach you in your pursuit of health is not a luxury, but a true necessity 

and Christine is the very best."

- Jen Murray, Lake Tapps 

(Jen continues to amaze me with her accomplishments, and her commitment to training with me to drive all the way from Lake Tapps, a 45min drive each way! 

I'm so thrilled to get to train this little dynamo!) 

"About 3 years ago I decided to climb Mt. Rainier. I had done a lot of hiking in the Swiss Alps growing up, but had zero mountaineering experience. Being an avid long-time runner and marathon runner, I knew that I would have the endurance to summit a mountain, but I also knew that I needed to make my upper body stronger to haul a 45lb pack up and down. My husband introduced me to his personal trainer, Christine Lencioni. I was impressed with her workout programs, her knowledge of the human body, natural health remedies, and her professionalism. Thanks to her personalized workout routines, my physical condition continues to improve and I feel stronger today than ever. I have been able to summit Rainier and other peaks with great ease. Even other sports like running and biking have greatly benefited from the weekly workouts. If  you are looking for a personal trainer, Christine Lencioni will be your best choice."

- Sylvie McQuade, Issaquah

(Sylvie is a powerhouse! Lean, strong, and extremely healthy of body, mind & spirit. Sylvie is inspirational to everyone blessed to know her.)

"Christine is wonderful!  She has been so accommodating with everything! 

 I met Christine when my 2nd son was 2 months old, and I knew that I needed to be in much better health if I was to keep up with 2 boys. She has adapted every exercise to do in my home as I requested. Even my toddler loves to workout with me! ;)  

I haven't worked out in years and Christine made this transition to a healthier lifestyle very smooth. She explains how and why each exercise works perfectly. 

So when I'm doing an exercise, I'm thinking about what she said earlier. My son 

is now 7 months old, and becoming a little mobile.  Which means I need to have energy to keep up with him. Having Christine in my life has helped me stay motivated and accountable for moving in the right direction so I can show by example to my sons how to live a healthy lifestyle.  Thanks Christine!" 

-Jenny Horstman, Burien

(Jenny has recently begun training with me and is making great strides. I am so happy with how she is doing and that she is demonstrating great health to her little ones, as well as increasing her energy to keep up with those little cuties!)

Clients have said to me during their training sessions-

"I use to be a gym rat and spend soooo much time in the gym. Now I don't even need to be in the gym nearly as much AND I am seeing so much more in results, and cuts and definition in my arms!"

"I have been lifting weighs in all sorts of gyms for the past 30 years, and you are the best trainer I have ever seen."

Another client finally felt good enough about her body and wore a bikini for the first time in her life - she is in her mid 30s and had a baby less than a year prior!

"I use to train with several different trainers, now that I found you, I don't even want to spend another session with a different trainer."

Another client now wears short shorts and loves how everything in her closet fits perfectly, she no longer has to try on multiple outfits before going out.

"You are my therapist and my trainer! I told my therapist that he needs to multi-task like my trainer and provide me with both services like Christine does!"

"Now I can fit into my skinny jeans! All my clothes feel and look so much better!"

"From the backside, my husband almost didn't recognize me!"

"I found myself getting excited that there was a long staircase to go up from the beach- never would have been happily excited by that before!"

"I use to be the girl who was weakest in gym class, who couldn't finish a mile, I had to walk. I wish my old PE teacher could see me now, he wouldn't even recognize me!" said woman who now flies through burpees, push-ups and high-intensity intervals with ease and gusto.

"I have to buy all new clothes! My pants are falling off!" said client who lost over 3 inches from her waistline.

"I would follow you anywhere. You are the One trainer who has helped me achieve results."

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