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Direct Working Knowledge of the Unique Pressures Executives Face

For the past 5 years I have had the privilege of training a local CEO and his team of executives, and as they ramped up for the sale of their company in the last year. Many of them credit the training they received from me as being imperative in helping them survive the stressful ride. My clients were also quite pleased that they took down their belt sizes several notches, slept better and more soundly, stayed healthy (got sick far less often), 

and that their overall quality of life dramatically improved. Even though my training was usually one-on-one, they also enjoyed the camaraderie of being in the training program together and sharing their experiences and improvements with one another. In this way 

it became a great team building experience.

Holistic  Training Style

In addition to traditional strength training, I often incorporate a blend of elements of circuit training, yoga, pilates, physical therapy, massage, meditation, mind/body awareness, and stress reduction techniques. I also share the latest advances and findings 

in healthcare and nutrition. I believe in a holistic approach and that each individual is unique and deserving of a program that is customized to their personal needs and goals. Executives are often under a great deal of stress and can particularly benefit from this type of holistic training approach.

Besides utilizing such a wide spectrum approach, one of the the other things that makes me a little different from other trainers is that while I make challenging programs that will bring you results, I also strongly believe that workouts should be fun. I am having fun and laughing and pushing you to your best, and you will be doing all of those things as well. 

I will make you work, but at the end of it you will be thanking me AND smiling. 

Beyond just enhancing your health and physique, another benefit of training with me is extreme personal empowerment. You will also find this spilling over to all areas of your life, personal and professional. My clients start doing things they never thought they could do or would ever be able to do again. You too just might have to dream a bigger dream for yourself, and re-define yourself! I enjoy showing clients that they are more powerful and capable (in all aspects of your life) than they know, and I am going to help reveal that to you as well.

On-Site Training - Easy & Effective

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you & that all parameters of your health 

improve with it, and yet it can be hard to get motivated to do it consistently. That is 

where having the convenience of your own, on-site personal trainer can really make a difference. When you attach exercise onto the first part of your day at the office it helps makes it easier and more natural to occur. Knowing that you have an appointment and that your trainer is there waiting for you also gives more of a sense of urgency than just trying to motivate yourself to do a workout on your own. Plus, studies have shown that people perform better/work harder when they know someone is watching. Add in my guidance and knowledge of health and fitness and you've got a surefire method for success. You don't have to go it alone, you can go further, faster and more easily 

with my support and expertise. And, like many of my clients have noted, you may 

be pleasantly surprised at how fun it can be!

If you have a small gym onsite, that is commendable, but not necessary. If there is 

access to one or if you have a small room available then that is more than sufficient to create a functional space. I can discuss that with you more in person/onsite to come up with creative and applicable solutions. Where there is a will, there is a way, and I have plenty of will. 

I am excited and ready to help your executive team take it to the next level!

Christine Lencioni, Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

BA University of Washington, cum laude

Voracious reader of all things related to health, fitness, and overall life improvement. My motto is "Never stop learning." 

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